I keep changing what I said. Any person who is intellectually alive changes his ideas. If anyone at a university is teaching the same thing they were teaching five years ago, either the field is dead, or they haven’t been thinking.”

Noam Chomsky

Capacity Building

We understand that continuous learning and experience are critical requirements for growing productivity and performance in any organization. Accordingly, our capacity building programmes provide employees, professionals, technocrats, managers and executives from diverse fields and industries with the knowledge, skills and tools for high performance and excellence. Participants in our programmes are exposed to conceptual and practical solutions for individual and organizational growth.

Our flagship capacity building programmes include; the Leadership Training Programmes (LTP) and Graduate Pathways to Success (GPS). These programmes are available as open trainings for participants from all sectors and industries, and they can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of various organizations. Our programmes provide access to current skills and tools and also serve as platforms for networking with other professionals from different sectors and regions of the world. Our approach is to make the trainings interrogative, interactive and engaging and to balance conceptual knowledge with practical experience. We also ensure that participants are exposed to current knowledge, methodologies, techniques and tools to enhance individual and organizational capacity and performance. Key outcomes and benefits of our capacity building programmes include:

  • General upgrading of skills, competencies and proficiencies in different subject areas
  • Capacity for effective strategic and operational policy and planning
  • Improvement in overall productivity at individual and organizational levels
  • Increase in efficiency and quality of outputs in the organization
  • Leadership development and exposure to cutting edge strategies, tools and best practices
  • Quality leadership and development of organizational cohesion and strategic direction
  • Medium to long-term growth in performance and organizational bottom-line

Open Training - Leadership Training Programme (LTP)