Research and Advisory Services

We offer customized advisory services to address the particular requirements of our diverse client organizations. We partner with organizations to diagnose needs, develop policy and programme solutions and work through implementation towards desired goals and targets. We undertake research to investigate and illuminate broad social, economic and political issues, while providing cutting-edge frameworks and systems for optimizing societal and organizational knowledge management. At all times, our clients retain control of the process, while we provide evidence-based solutions and tools to help achieve their set goals.

Our range of research and advisory services include:

  • Policy and Strategy Development
  • Global and Issue-Specific Research
  • Programme and System Review and Improvement
  • Turnkey Programme Design and Implementation
  • Project or Initiative-Specific Support
  • Embedded Consultancy Support
  • Executive Advisory and Coaching
  • Strategy Sessions and Retreats Facilitation


Organizational Effectiveness


One of the distinguishing characteristics of high-performing organizations is their ability to visualize and deploy organizational resources towards desired outcomes; while constantly reviewing, realigning and improving organizational effectiveness and performance. Through our suite of strategic planning, business improvement, and organizational excellence programmes, Cardston Consulting supports small and big organizations to integrate continuous improvement, change management and organizational effectiveness frameworks. From initial goal setting and planning to implementation of strategic change and transformation, we offer the expertise to help our client organizations experience seamless transition. Our range of organizational effectiveness services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Mapping and Logic Modelling
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Business Development and Evaluation
  • Change Management
  • Stakeholders’ Engagement and Consultation
  • Organizational Excellence Framework